Why Punchline has chosen ThunderCore not Ethereum

Punchline is a game on a mission.

Punchline is on a mission to bring blockchain adoption to the masses. And ThunderCore is blockchain for the masses. It is highly approachable for first time users, indeed this is often people’s first blockchain. People’s first ever cryptocurrency may be the free 5 ThunderTokens they receive. As a first ever blockchain experience, this feels very good on ThunderCore due to its under 1 second confirmations, negligible transaction fees and all round great user experience on the Hub.

You don’t have to be a geek to use Thundercore, neither do you have to pass any KYC nor understand private key encryption. All you need is a smartphone with Internet access. Really, that’s all there is to it.

Punchline is a casual game.

Could you imagine a hyper-casual game on Ethereum? That would be $80 for a transaction on a busy day. The Punchline Take Over would have to cost what? $1000? On ThunderCore it costs 10TT which is just $0.06 at the moment. This means that everyone can play. ThunderCore is inclusive. Ethereum is exclusive, only for the whales playing their big money games.

Punchline needs marketing.

Every new application deployed to ThunderCore is promoted in the Hub. Punchline has been promoted on the homepage for a very long time already. This is amazingly helpful for developers and players alike. Not to mention this week’s surprise from ThunderCore’s team. ‘Bogo for gamers’ quest for Punchline. This great promotion has brought a 3x spike in traffic. Punchline became one of most popular games in the entire blockchain space. All of this exactly on my birthday. How did they know?

The Punchline creators are developers not experts in marketing decentralised applications, and we didn’t need to be because the ThunderCore team has, without asking, prepared a marketing plan for Punchline. They helped to start a Telegram group, offered moderator support, and helped with a submission to a dApp ranking websites.

Punchline has to make money.

ThunderCore’s popularity is amazing. There are over 26k daily active users. ThunderCore is a very strongly undervalued blockchain with DAU numbers seen in only a few competitors. The number of ThunderCore’s users is growing and growing. This reassures us that Punchline will continue to bring stable income from the Hub users.

Dear ThuderCore Team, thank you for everything, we would have achieved nothing without your help!

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