Introducing Punchline v2

Punchline v2 was released on 9th of October 2020, the best place to play it is on the ThunderCore Hub app available in PlayStore and AppStore.

👊 What is Punchline?

Punchline is many things:

  • It is surely a game. Take Over a Person, Hold, Score, Win ! Grab the top prize every Sunday.
  • A DeFi game. For many all cryptocurrency is a money game, trading is a game, “What to buy?” “When to sell?”. DeFi Yield Farming is a game. “Take the risk?” “Move my funds?”. Punchline is the next evolutionary step. Could you make a living playing Punchline?
  • An NFT game. As every person you can takeover is a unique Non-Fungible Token.
  • A way to show your creativity. “What can I write in my punchline so that people won’t take over?”.
  • A social game as real conversations are taking place in the Punchlines.
  • A battle won by the Punchline creators in the fight for wider blockchain adoption. Maybe playing Punchline will be someone’s first-ever crypto transaction.

❓Game Rules

The rules are in essence very simple.

  • Take over a person to change his Punchline.
  • The ThunderTokens you pay to take over go into a prize pool.
  • You score 1 point every second you hold a person.
  • Every Sunday we distribute the prize pool to the players with the most points. We then reset the scores and start the next round.

🎰 Lottery

Punchline also contains lottery. Every week one lucky player wins 5% of the prize pool. The chances of winning are so high that participating is surely a no brainer. Everyone who comes to Punchline should take over at least once to have a chance of winning, then come back every week as the lottery winner is chosen from the current week’s players only.

🏦 Punchline v1 refund

Our biggest fans remember the first version of Punchline. Not per our intention but its economics was not designed with scalability in mind to support the overwhelming number of players who wants to join, and latecomers could get their Thunder Tokens stuck in the game when there is no next bidder. We heard your feedback loud and clear and we care deeply about our players and want everyone to have fun, this world should be a happy place. Hence Punchline v2 has been, since the beginning, designed with rewarding Punchline v1 players in mind.

One-tenth of the games total revenue goes into a Punchline v1 refund. Punchline v1 players can visit Punchline v2, go to their Account section and withdraw their stuck Thunder Tokens. The more Punchline v2 generates in revenue, the quicker Punchline v1 players will get fully refunded.

🚀Onwards and upwards

We are immensely grateful for the support from all v1 and v2 players, and we want to take Punchline onwards and upwards, and here’s what we are working on now and what you can expect to see from Punchline in the near future:

  • Transparency

We are firm believers of the crypto motto “Don’t trust, verify”, hence we are working towards open-sourcing the smart contracts for better transparency to the players and also so that the community could help us identify potential flaws to continuously improve its security.

  • Economics

We are continuously trying to come up with new ways to give back to the players and the community, we’d love to hear your feedback on how can we make the economics of Punchline better so that it benefits all of us

  • Exposure

We want more players to join Punchline and have fun! So we want Punchline to get more exposure. In case you didn’t know yet, you can already find Punchline on DappRadar!

  • Community

The best way to connect with the Punchline community right now is to join our Telegram. We are working on other social channels so stay tuned!

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