Punchline is a game on a mission.

Punchline is on a mission to bring blockchain adoption to the masses. And ThunderCore is blockchain for the masses. It is highly approachable for first time users, indeed this is often people’s first blockchain. People’s first ever cryptocurrency may be the free 5 ThunderTokens they receive. As a first ever blockchain experience, this feels very good on ThunderCore due to its under 1 second confirmations, negligible transaction fees and all round great user experience on the Hub.

You don’t have to be a geek to use Thundercore, neither do you have to pass any KYC nor understand private key encryption…

Week 3 has seen a small increase in the number of players but a 3.5x increase in the number of Take Overs. We had 1833 Take Overs in Week 3.

The five best players and one lucky winner got prizes.

Congratulations to the best player, 0x8051…69cD, who has won 7038 TT after spending 1200 TT in the game. That gives an astonishing ROI of 580% in a week. Or in other words, 30000% APY.

Week 2 was the first full weekly round of Punchline v2. And the results are amazing. There has been 165 users playing the game. And the number of active players is growing and growing. Just look at the below chart:

The five best players and one lucky winner got prizes.

Punchline v2 was released on 9th of October 2020, the best place to play it is on the ThunderCore Hub app available in PlayStore and AppStore.

👊 What is Punchline?

Punchline is many things:

  • It is surely a game. Take Over a Person, Hold, Score, Win ! Grab the top prize every Sunday.
  • A DeFi game. For many all cryptocurrency is a money game, trading is a game, “What to buy?” “When to sell?”. DeFi Yield Farming is a game. “Take the risk?” “Move my funds?”. Punchline is the next evolutionary step. Could you make a living playing Punchline?
  • An NFT game. As every…

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